Johnny C's first taste in the kitchen...
Here is Johnny C learning from his Uncle Russ on how to prepare early for the day.  Johnny C learned his appreication at a young age for what goes into making quality food and the love behind it!

Johnny C's Roots

Giardini Naxos is town where Johnny C's father's parents came from. It's where the Sicilian recipes Johnny C has been priveldeged to know and taste came from.  All part of Johnny C's well trained palate. 

 Johnny C's mother's parents working together in Angelina's Italian Restaurant!

Enjoy these historical clips of Johnny C in his early days as he learns from who better than his Grandfather Jimmy, Grandmother Angelina and Uncle Russ.
Johnny C learns from his Grandma Angelina
Here you will see the famous Angelina teaching her grandson Johnny C the importance of preperations in the kitchen. Who better to learn from.
Johnny C gets offered a job from Grandpa Jimmy
Grandpa Jimmy was making his rounds in the kitchen and he noticed Johnny C's work ethic and offered a job he couldn't refuse.
Johnny C
"The Garlic Man"
gets a promotion
Watch as Johnny C peels garlic and his Uncle Russ gives him a promotion.
Johnny C hard at work
The kitchen was hot in Florida but Johnny C didn't stop. He gave his best even then.

Don't just eat, rate and share!

I have decided to start this Blog to help share about my experiences and reviews of food establishments I visit.  Focussing primarily on my love for food, specifically pizza and my quest for the very best pizza pie.  This blog is not to just share my personal reviews but to also inspire pizzeria and restaurant owners to up their game.  To ensure their best product is being produced.  Johnny C loves all types of food so use this website to keep informed on good places to eat around the Tri-State area especially New Jersey.
I feel my palate is well tested and ready to give the best reviews.  I was raised by parents who were both involved in the restaurant business from childhood.  I also experienced great cooking at home and with my entire family from a very young age.  This all started from my Sicilian Grandparents on both sides of the family and their children.  On my Mom's side of the family my Grandparents succussfully owned Italian restaurants from New York to Florida. The resturants were named "Angelina's" after my Grandmother. To this day prior locations have kept the prominent name and my Uncle recently opened a new "Angelina's" in Florida keeping the family restaurant business alive. My Grandparents on my Father's side were homestyle Chefs with authentic Sicilian (Greek influenced) recipes and flavor.  I worked at a young age in a local pizzeria which gave me respect for the business and an understanding of what it takes to make a great pie and great food.  Having a slice or two day was a norm plus a treat and now my longing for pizza and food is always there.  I also plan to share on all types of food and dinig out experiences as well, so feel free to frequent the website prior to making plans on going out to eat in the Tri-State area.
This is my first blog so be patient with me.  I do plan to let pizzeria owners know Johnny C is there, simply offering information about my blog.  I also invite you to use my custom rating system and email me your own reviews.  I will make sure to post them, just send me your name, location and place you visited. 
Ok I have to go now, time to heat up some left over pizza.